punch him in the face

I wanted to and say it was in the name of anti-fascism


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I talked to an anarchist today who was protesting mandatory vaccination. He spoke to me like I was two years old and then compared the Colorado State government to Nazis and told me about how one time in the 70’s in Libya several hundred kids “got AIDS from the Red Cross” because of vaccinations. 

His argument was Nazism and AIDS. Gooooood god, man. 

He was rude >:c

Vaccinate ya kids

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I mustache;

I do! His name is Chris and he is very dorky and likes puns and lets me talk about the French Revolution a lot and makes me breakfast and has a super cute smile that I get to see a lot because he is never not smirking and he is super sweet and funny

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I mustache;

I just….really like the French Rev….


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