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There is the problem Americans have, in high school textbooks as well as on television, with their own past. It is as if we were embarrassed by the passion that made our Revolution, all those radicals in wigs and knickers. Revolutions are supposed to happen elsewhere in France or China, with deplorable consequences. That once upon a time we defied a king and dreamed up a Republic and wrote something as darling as the First Amendment is sort of a fairy tale…Our Founding Fathers were, well, so fatherly, weren’t they, and not at all like Bolsheviks, not a Robespierre among them. So get rid of Sam Adams: Dismiss him as a demagogue. Get rid of Tom Paine: Dismiss him as a pamphleteer. Invent George, so we will eat our porridge.

John Leonard

New York Magazine, 9 April 1984

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dont tell me musical theater won’t be useful in the future when jean valjean managed to sing and choreograph his way out of being arrested like three times

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In the sixth grade there was a grade wide competition where everyone got in groups and choreographed a number to lip sync

we (tortoiseandronicus and robesvipierre were in my group!!!!) did the last song from grease and we won for best choreography

I peaked in the sixth grade

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I went to StarFest this weekend and met Nichelle Nichols and cried and Amanda Tapping was there and just AHHH!! 

Also Chris and I made it into the Denver Post. In costume. 

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